Camuy Employee Uses Municipal Email To Promote a PNP Candidate

The mayor of Camuy, Edwin García, had to instruct a former employee of the municipality to stop the use of an email in which the town hall was listed as sender and promoted the aspiration of Bernabé González Arce for mayor under the insignia of the New Party Progressive (PNP).

"It is a domain that has a former employee of the Municipality of Camuy and the explanation he gives is that he lent the domain to his father who drives the candidacy of this person," said the mayor in a telephone interview.

“Yesterday I indicated that – as soon as we return from vacation (Christmas break) – I will send this to the Government Ethics Office. I do not know if the Office of the Electoral Comptroller because although it is not already a mail from the municipality, in fact, it could be implied that it is from the municipality, ”García added.


He said that the former employee of the municipality, Edgardo Rosado, created the email while working at the public relations office or the town hall activities office. After his departure from the municipality, he continued using the mail and his father, sent the statement favoring the aspiration of González Arce, explained the mayor, who provided a copy of the communication he had with Rosado.

He rejected that the permanence or existence of the mail has been a failure of the municipality.

"Do not. I am inquiring about that. I am not an expert because they are emails that one generates and that – in effect – one has no control over that. He was notified to stop using the mail with the name of Camuy, ”reiterated the mayor.

El Nuevo Día received the email in which González Arce appears in a photo in front of the State Election Commission indicating that he presented his candidacy for mayor of Camuy and spearheading the statement with the title of “assistant to Rivera Schatz will have primary by the mayor's office of Camuy. "

González Arce challenges Gabriel Hernández Rodríguez, former Senate cabinet chief in primary. The email informs that González Arce works in the Police Bureau and offers his cell phone number.

Contacted by this means, the applicant initially admitted that the mail was part of his campaign. However, when he was asked about the use of the name of the Municipality of Camuy, he alleged that he did not understand the question due to problems with the communication.

“In order to answer, I would have to corroborate that. If you give me two hours, you call me and I can answer that question, ”he replied when asked about the e-mail with content of his political aspiration and with his photo.

He answered the same thing when asked who sent the mail and who was running his political campaign.

González Arce said that his aspiration is in we will see since the PNP received a complaint against him that he must answer. He identified the person who filed the complaint as Heriberto Cruz Hernández.

"That complaint is made to create evil," he said.