Canada Will Receive 350 Thousand Migrants By 2021, Reveals The Requirements

The Government of Canada reported that it expects to receive 341 thousand migrants by 2020 and 350 thousand by 2021. He announced that some will be temporarily and others with the option of processing their permanent residence. They made the requirements known.

For its part, the Organization for Economic Development Cooperation (OECD) emphasizes that Canada "has further improved the competitive advantage over other countries."

1) Federal, economic and provincial nominees. It includes programs such as Express Entry, PNP, Start Up Visa, Caregivers and Temporary Workers. The first three require high academic preparation and command of English and French, while the last two are for caregivers and temporary workers, which include trades.


2) Skilled workers and companies selected by Québec. The province of Québec selects its own skilled workers. Generally, it requires additional requirements, such as mastering French 100%. They can submit a request to be accepted as highly qualified workers. The process can take up to 15 months. They will be more likely to be accepted if they already have a job offer.

3) Family reunification. You can work, study and live in Canada if one of your close family members (spouse, children or dependents) is a Canadian citizen and is at least 18 years old.

4) Refugees, protected persons and humanitarian programs. It consists of two programs. The Humanitarian and Refugee Resettlement Program, for people who need protection outside of Canada, and the Asylum Program in Canada for people who apply for protection from Canada.

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