Canadian Podium Lifts The Spirit Of Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton missed the roar of the audience.それで、彼が最も励ましの声を必要としたとき、彼はカナダグランプリの歴史の中で最大の記録された群衆からそれを受け取りました。

After all, Montreal is Hamilton’s first F1 podium finish location. It was 103 wins and 7 world championships 15 years ago. Given the beginning of the dire season of Hamilton and Mercedes, it’s virtually eternal.


The new Mercedes he designed to meet the 2022 F1 specification was a disaster. Hamilton’s back has been plagued by constant bouncing of cars as Mercedes gets too close to the surface of the water for maximum performance.このダウンフォースへの焦点は、ドライバーの長期的な健康に危険な、いわゆる「ポーポイズ」効果を生み出しました。

Hamilton admitted that he has suffered more headaches than usual in recent months. He doesn’t know if they were actually microconcussion. He has his own physiotherapist, takes painkillers, and with his new partner George Russell, drives a car that Mercedes makes available to them.

However, torture reached its worst moment in Baku a week ago, when a 37-year-old Briton struggled to get out of the car after driving down the streets of the Azerbaijani capital. The Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile intervened last Thursday by issuing a technical directive banning the rebound effect.

The FIA’s intervention caused anxiety at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve paddock, and rivals warned that Mercedes was able to respond very quickly to the changes prior to Friday’s first practice.

In the end, Mercedes used the technical directives to test the new configuration, but things got worse. The next day, the team did what their rivals had suggested. Mercedes raised the height of the car and Hamilton finished fourth in his best result of the year. And on Sunday, he took third place on the podium for the second time in nine races this season.

When he got out of the car, he was again imposing Lewis Hamilton, seeing the championship leader from a distance, not the veteran who was fighting to keep his young teammates away.

Hamilton was also able to hear the crowd — F1 reported that a record 338,000 spectators attended within three days of returning to Canada after being absent for two years due to a pandemic. Did — and talked to them.

“How are you, Montreal?” He asked. Hamilton then looked back on his results on Sunday (his first podium finish since the first race in March) and its importance in this fateful season.

“I haven’t been on the podium for a long time,” he said. “So it was special. It was the place where I got my first podium 15 years ago. Returning to the podium and enjoying the energy of the masses reminded me of my first year here.”

F1が2週間でチャンピオンシップを再開したとき、ハミルトンは彼のイギリスGPの勝利を維持するために競争力がありますか? It may not be. Mercedes is one step behind the power of Red Bull and Ferrari. And despite climbing the heights of Montreal, the single-seater continued to bounce.

“We still have a rebound, it’s not gone,” Hamilton said. “I hope we can fight them in a race like Silverstone, which is very important to us and to me. We are approaching.”

Russell, who finished ahead of Hamilton in seven of the nine races this season, did not seem optimistic after finishing fourth. He said the rebound was “not extreme” than Baku because the surface of Montreal was smoother.

“These 2022 car issues remain unresolved,” Russell said.

He also criticized Mercedes’ pace, saying the weekend results were misleading as Red Bull and Ferrari’s deficits were “still significant.”

His rivals would argue that Mercedes had an error in the design of its 2022 model and exaggerated the driver’s health to force the FIA ​​to change regulations.

Other drivers, such as Red Bull’s Sergio Perez, are aware of the rebound effect, but nothing is as bad as Mercedes. And if Mercedes is so worried, rivals wonder why it’s better not to raise the height, which benefits their drivers. (Answer: The more it sticks to the ground, the faster the car will be).

“This is an F1 car, not a Rolls-Royce, and pilots need to know this,” said Franz Tost, a former pilot who is currently the director of AlphaTauri. “If the car feels too uncomfortable or difficult, it may be best to stay at home, in the living room, curl up on the couch and watch the race on TV.”


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