Candidates To Present The Oscar Of 2021?

If the great and sharp (but brief) performance of veterans Steve Martin and Chris Rock at the start of the 2020 Oscars reminded us of the need for the Academy to restore the figure of the host of the gala (abandoned in 2019 after the controversial resignation Kevin Hart), another later moment gave us a clear idea of ​​who would be the perfect candidates for 2021. And that is the moment that Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig scored when they presented the nominees for Best Costume Design was a clear nod for those who may be shuffling names for the next ceremony. The musical sketch of Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig did not make Billie Eilish too funny. (Image: Mario Anzuoni, Reuters – Gtres / Instagram @billieeilish) MoreAs they already did in My Best Friend’s Wedding (Bridesmaids) and, above all, as in so many so many Saturday Night Live sketches, the two actresses and comedians of 47 and 46 years respectively showed that they need almost nothing to create an original musical number and at the same time unleash the laughter of the auditorium: “Well, the nominees for Best Costume Design are …” Wiig started before Rudolph interrupted: ” Wait wait! That is all? We can’t jump directly to the prize… ”“ You’re right, ”continued Wiig. “Costume design implies a lot, what else could we say?” “Well… we may not have to say it,” Rudolph said jokingly. “Maybe we sing it,” Wiig replied. What came next was the most minimalist but effective musical performance of the night: a frantic and absurd two-voice song that mixed stanzas of themes related to fashion or clothing: “These Boots Are Made for Walkin´ ”by Nancy Sinatra,“ Vogue ”by Madonna,“ Thong Song ”by Sisqo,“ U Got the Look ”by Prince … What should have been that typical and shameful family reunion scene – when the Alcohol has already wreaked havoc on the funny cousin or the sister-in-law-in-law – in the hands of these humorous veterans, she became a great clown who delighted everyone who saw her. Have we told everyone? Well no: it seems that the impudence and lack of modesty of Rudolph and Wiig did not make Billie Eilish any grace. And it is that at some point in the performance the camera cut to the face of the 18-year-old Californian, just when she showed a gesture that many interpret as someone else’s shame – and that has already generated countless memes for and against, by becoming in involuntary emblem of the slogan “OK boomer”: Read more When Pixar wins once more in the Oscars, although clearly other studies have more propositive techniques (if that’s what Billie Eilish was thinking)

– The Top Comics (@TheTopComics) February 10, 2020 It’s funny, the reaction that Billie Eilish had is the same face that I put on listening to most of the songs of, well, Billie Eilish. I already gained my age.– P. (@Facso) February 10, 2020 Was Eilish following the joke of the two comedians, or is it still too small to appreciate the ridiculous control of two professional comedians and only knew how to react like this? Let us be prudent and grant the benefit of the doubt to the young singer – who at the end of the day also had her momentary at the gala when interpreting the mythical song “Yesterday” in tribute to the deceased Kobe Bryant and Kirk Douglas: Be that as it may, The important thing about all this is that they sign Rudolph and Wiig to present the Oscars of 2021! Finally the comics delivered the Oscar for Best Costume Design to Jacqueline Durran for Little Women, and the Best Production Design was for Nancy Haigh and Barbara Ling for Once upon a time in … Hollywood. As we have indicated elsewhere, a night to celebrate for the highest percentage of women winners (despite its striking absence in the category of Best Director). More stories that may interest you: