‘Canelo’ Knocks Out Kovalev And Is a Light Heavyweight Monarch

LAS VEGAS (AP) – With a great blow, "Canelo" knocked out a great rival.

At a time when Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez was entrusted to what would have been another controversial decision of the judges in his career, the Mexican took a pair of punches from the hat to knock down Sergey Kovalev in the eleventh round and seize the scepter of the light heavyweight by the World Boxing Organization.

The combination proposed by the Mexican, a left uppercut and a right hook, caused the Russian to fall on his knees, hugging one of the ropes. The referee immediately decreed the knockout.


It was a dramatic end to a fight that had had little suspense until the surprising blows of the Mexican arrived.

It seemed that Kovalev would easily retain his scepter, before an opponent who had not been able to harm him.

The Mexican star, who ascended two categories with respect to his usual weight, conquered his fourth title in the same number of divisions. He celebrated by kissing his right glove, while Kovalev's assistants climbed into the ring to see if he was well.