Cap Cana White Marlin Tournament By Featured Boat

Cap Cana White Marlin Tournament By Featured Boat

In a beautiful and well-attended ceremony, the 2023 Cap Cana White Marlin Tournament kicked off this Thursday evening with 39 boats and more than 150 fishermen from six countries.

Silvano Suazo, Director of Cap Cana Marina, commended in a special way the support provided by yacht clubs from Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Brazil, Australia and South Africa and the host team from the Dominican Republic.

“There are people from near and far who have come to this 2023 edition. A huge thank you to all of them and to our sponsors. Good luck fishing and enjoying the amenities that Destination City has to offer.” I wish you the best of luck,” stressed Suazo during the welcome.


He added that he hopes to surpass the 83 hooks released last year and hopes to reach a figure of more than 100 species of marlin that can be returned to habitat by expert fishermen in two days.

Black Gold and Seaguapa Boat

Shortly after noon this Friday, it was reported that more than 30 needles were officially released, although official figures for the end of the day were pending. Registered in the Pro category, the Black Gold boat scored 900 points on rods by Mike McCarthy and Jose Gomez. Similarly, Seaguapa’s boat had him releasing three marlins, while he only had two white marlins. The third marlin released was a blue marlin. Alberto Rodriguez and Humberto Quintana stand out in this boat.

Added 2 each to La Sisu, Grace and Amapola. Hendrik Jakobs and Tian Jansson stand out in Sith. Meanwhile, Grace has Diego with his Viera rod he scored 600 points. Cis was in the pro division, Grace was in the semi-pro division, and fisherman Federico Lopez caught two white fish from Amapola (professional).

In addition to white and blue marlin species, sailfish and spearfish are also considered. The tournament concludes on Saturday the 27th with prizes awarded to the best performers.

The boat with the highest score wins the contest. The fishermen who register for the category will likewise recognize the best female fishermen and the best young fishermen.

On the first fishing day, the boat sets sail at 6:45am and casts the line into the water at 7:30am. Line collection was scheduled for 5pm.

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