Cara Delevingne’s Revenge Against Justin After Talking About Her Behind His Back

The model reacted to the confession of the singer, who pointed out her as the friend of his wife Hailey that he liked least, showing that the Canadian tried to conquer her without success.

Justin Bieber He should have thought twice before answering very honestly to a question about his wife Hailey’s friends, to make a ranking with Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevingne depending on who liked it better or worse.


At that time, the singer – who was participating in a kind of ‘truth or dare’ game in the late night from James corden in which he was facing eating exotic food – he tried to reduce his response by claiming that he had chosen Kendall as his favorite because he was the one he had treated most, and that he had put Cara in the last place because he had barely agreed with her .

His words soon reached the ears of the latter, who reacted by implying that, if the pop star does not know her better, it has not been precisely because he has not tried in the past. As proof of this, Cara posted on Instagram

an excerpt from Justin’s interview accompanied by an old photograph in which she appears parading in underwear at the Victoria’s Secret show that he was in charge of entertaining in 2012, and in which you can see the pop star eating it clearly with the eyes.

Cara added a message that hints that the musician still holds a grudge for ignoring him.

“Now vs. then. If you have nothing against me, then why don’t you unlock me?” He asked Justin, before adding a “I love you, Hailey,” mentioning the latter, to clarify that he didn’t She has no grudge against the model because of her husband’s comments.

Of course, it is obvious that his girlfriend Ashley Benson agrees with her, because he reacted to the occurrence of the model leaving several smiley faces in the comments section.