Caribbean Series Live: Mexico Vs. Dominican Republic Live: Semifinals Caribbean Series 2022; Charros From Jalisco And Gigantes Del Cibao, For The Final

Caribbean Series Live Follow the board at the moment between Mexicans and Dominicans, with a taste of revenge

Charros de Jalisco vs Gigantes del Cibao live and direct online: semifinal result Caribbean Series 2022. BRAND Claro

6th High | Murillo strikes out on three pitches and they can’t find a way to open the hit key against Alexander. Flores also leaves with a fly to center.


6th High | Isaac Rodríguez with a fly to the center that dominates Siri and is the first out for Mexico.

5th Low | Three in a row for the Dominican and Bernardino has regained confidence. After five completions, Mexico falls 0-1 to the Giants.

5th Low | Bernardino dominates José Siri and strikes him out for the first away from the Dominican Republic. and Alberto hits third but is taken out at first. Two out for the locals.

5th High | Five innings and Mexico has not been able to hit a single hit, so it will be impossible to get into the fight for the final. Dominican comes to seek to lengthen the difference.

5th High | Dariel Álvarez finds the ball and hits it solid to the bottom of the park but Ozuna is there with good fielding and it is the second out.

5th High | Japhet Amador lets the pitch pass and the umpire marks the chocolate for him. First out for the Mexican ninth.

4th Low | Finally, Mexico withdraws the locals in a row and after four complete rolls, the Dominican Republic beats Mexico 1-0.

4th Low | Rola the Rivas pitcher and it seems that Bernardino will finally have a quiet entrance. Walnut comes to bat.

4th Low | Guzmn with a fly to the center and Cardona dominates him and keeps the ball for the first out of the Dominican.

4th High | Once again, Alexander makes the Mexican batters line up and consumes four perfect innings.

4th High | Quiroz with a dive to second that goes from 4-3 and falls the second out of the ninth Aztec that is still without hitting tonight.

4th High | José Cardona opens the Mexican lineup for the second time but leaves quickly with a fly ball dominated by José Siri.

3rd Low | Bernardino strikes out Sierra and manages to take out the third roll without damage, the Dominican Republic leaves a couple of men on base and let’s see if that doesn’t cost them later in the game.

3rd Low | Urrutia with an itchy hit line and the locals already have men on first and second, ready to spread the damage.

3rd Low | Ozuna can’t stand anything and hits deep into the center but the outfielder follows him and dominates him for the second out of the Dominican.

3rd Low | Can gets his first hit of the night with a ground ball that goes to the bottom of left field.

3rd Low | Alberto with a ground ball to the short and he is removed at first. Valuable first out for Mexico that cannot allow the Dominican to escape.

3rd High | Flores hits without force towards first and again the Charros batters retire in a row and without being able to hurt the Dominican.

3rd High | Murillo’s ground ball to the pitcher and throws to first for the quick second out against the Mexican ninth.

3rd High | Isaac Rodríguez tries to touch the ball but it does not give him the speed and he is retired at first without complications.

2nd Low | Jos Siri with a solid hit to the center but he was dominated and the Dominican managed to break the zero but left men on base in this second roll.

2nd Low | Bernardino regains confidence and manages to strike out Gustavo Nuez for the second away from the Dominican.

2nd Low | Bernardino loses the battle against Rivas and delivers the second base on balls of the game. Dominican with men in the corners and only one out.

2nd Low | Sierra gains confidence and steals third base against a bad throw from the catcher to third base.

2nd Low | Bernardino manages to strike out Ronal Guzmán and gets the important first out of this second inning.

2nd Low | Mexico’s record for innings without allowing a run comes to an end and remains at 30 rolls, the all-time high in the Caribbean Series.

2nd Low | Moiss Sierra breaks the zero. He hits short to center and takes Urrutia to the plate for the first run, while he moves into second.

Moiss Sierra puts the hosts on the board.

? Caribbean Series (@beisboldecaribe) February 3, 2022

2nd Low | Henry Urrutia with a long turn at bat and finally hit an extra base that goes between right and center field. Great turn of the Cuban to get in the middle.

2nd High | Dariel Álvarez hits a line drive to the right but outfielder Sierra arrives without problems for the second out of the Aztec ninth. Flix Prez grounded out to second and Can takes him out. Three batted, three walked.

2nd High | The first chocolate of the night arrived and Alexander gives it to the Giant of Muleg, the mighty Japhet Amador.

1st Low | Ozuna hits the ball but Quiroz dives like Superman to catch it and get the third out. Mexico hangs zero on the first roll.

1st Low | Bernardino delivers the first passport of the night to the experienced Robinson Can. Ozuna is coming to bat.

1st Low | Jos Siri with the attempted robbery but Bernardino is very vigilant and the Houston Astros fish on the road. Second out.

1st Low | Hanser Alberto hits hard and the ball flies and flies but Flix Prez makes a great fielding and stays with it for the first out of this first down.

1st Low | José Siri bats between first and the garden and has a hit. Dominican already puts the first batter on base and does it very quickly.

1st High | Tyler Alexander retires the first three Aztec batters in a row and keeps the scoreless for the Dominican Republic.

1st High | Cardona hits a fly ball to the right and Moiss Sierra dominates him for the first out, then Pony Quiroz with a line drive to the left that Ozuna keeps. Three pitches and two outs for Alexander.

Everything is ready at the Quisqueya Juan Marichal and the two novenas are already on the ground. VAAAAAAAAMOOOOOOOOOOOS WITH THE ACTIONS!

These two teams met in their first game of this Caribbean Series and there the local ninth took the victory by 3-2, so Mexico is looking for revenge tonight.

This was the departure of the Charros de Jalisco towards the stadium, where they will seek to play a perfect game and eliminate the ninth local team, the great favorite to win the title.

Heading to Quisqueya!

Let’s go for the pass to the final, Mexico!

? Charros from Jalisco (@charrosbeisbol) February 2, 2022

The representative of the Dominican Republic has, among other things, great hitting power, all commanded by three major leaguers: José Siri, Robinson Can and Marcell Ozuna.

Both novenas have already revealed their lineup to face this semifinal and they do so with their best pieces. Brennan Bernardino for Charros and Tyler Alexander for the Giants will start.

In the purest style of TikTok, the Colombian representation continues to celebrate at the Club House after achieving the historic pass to the Grand Final of the Caribbean Series, where they will face the winner of this game.

This is how it is enjoyed in the Club House of @caimanesLPB after earning their way to the finals of the @beisboldecaribe

The “Avioncito” is stuck in Santo Domingo!!!!!!

Long live Baseball, long live Colombia!!!!

? Alfredo Sierra Coronado (@Alfsierra20) February 2, 2022

The great strength of the Mexican ninth in these last few games has been their defense, as they have not allowed a single run in the last 29 innings, a historic mark that they will seek to extend tonight against the locals.

Yes, @RobertoOsuna1let’s make history HERE AND NOW, Come on, MXICOOOOOOOO!

? Charros from Jalisco (@charrosbeisbol) February 2, 2022

For the first time in history, a Colombian team is in the final of the Caribbean Series. Los Caimanes de Barranquilla, who had already made history by being the first to qualify among the top four, beat up Venezuela’s pitching early to win 8-1.

Hello Hello hello. Good afternoon and welcome to this minute by minute of the second semifinal in the Santo Domingo 2022 Caribbean Series between the representatives of Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

The Gigantes del Cibao, the ninth that represents the local league, arrive with four wins and only one loss at this semifinal stage, while the Charros de Jalisco lost their first two games but picked up the pace.

The duel will begin at 7:00 p.m. ET, 4:00 p.m. PT from the Juan Marichal Park in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, where the last ticket to the Grand Final of the annual contest will be at stake.



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