Carlos Alberto Montaner: “Antifa Is a Perfect Enemy For Trump”

Carlos Alberto Montaner is a writer and political analyst for CNN en Español. Its columns are published in dozens of newspapers in Spain, the United States and Latin America.Montaner is also vice-president of the Liberal International. The opinions expressed in this commentary are specific to the author. See more review in

Antifa has been accused of anarchist.

For Trump, who believes – or claims to believe – in conspiracies, antiface is a perfect enemy. It’s an ideal label to blame everyone for just about anything.


Antifa derived from “anti-fascistism”. He emerged in the United States to oppose white supremacists. One of the objectives of the antifa is to shrug the supremacists when they call for their public acts.

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Escrachar is a verb taken from Italian by Argentines, accepted by the SAR, and means “to manifest violently against ideological adversaries and prevent them from speaking”.

Trump was able to balance his denunciation of antifa by condemning the Ku Klux Klan in the same act, but he did not do so for election reasons, I suppose.

Not all of its voters are supremacists, but all supremacists are trumpists.

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Antifa has no structure or hierarchy, which makes it very difficult to infiltrate and destroy it. It’s like an open franchise on the left.It all fits. At the same time, that trait weakens her and makes it very difficult for her to destroy power.

As we know, to destroy power you have to have a structure, a hierarchy and, better still, a leader.

That doesn’t mean they have no intention of destroying. What they lack is strength.

In any case, those who must first be aware of their actions are those who legitimately protest.

Antifa can undermine its activities and turn the right anger of citizens into a dirty thing.

I hope that doesn’t happen.


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