Carlos Melconian: "He Who Assumes Receives An Inheritance Similar To Those That Menem Received"

Carlos Melconian analyzed the economic situation facing the country and referred to the inheritances that Nestor Kirchner and Mauricio Macri received. In that sense, he said that the next government "receives similar things to those that Menem received."

The economist reviewed the electoral scenario linked to the economy and was worried because "there is enough left for the transition, we have to see how to get there." In a dialogue with TN, he added that "we have the idea of ​​arriving in the most armed way possible with the issues of exchange control, debt re-inflation and dollar deposits."

"Argentina has finished consolidating a new unpublished disease that suffers more from the next one than it is: stagflation," he said. In that sense, the former president of the National Bank said that the crisis "is solved by politics, not an economic program dropped from a cot."


“You have to have a diagnosis and a complementary proposal. If there is no consensus on the policy, it cannot be advanced, ”he remarked and emphasized that“ the three powers cannot throw one for one side and the other for another ”. In this regard, he said that Macri "had no political support."

Melconian reviewed the inheritances that the last presidents received and pointed to the one Alberto Fernández will receive in which case he is elected: “It is not the one that Kirchner received, nor the one that Macri received, he receives some things similar to those he received Menem in the sense that he didn't have the things about candy to launch a program. ”

The economist compared that in the first Kirchner government, "beyond his political courage and that of Roberto Lavagna they came with a previous rinse that facilitated the task and Macri started from scratch." In any case, he was critical of the crack in recognizing that "it cannot be that every four years one blames the other."

"The free and floating exchange rate does not go more, it is used in the modern and stable world, but Argentina is not, we are not for that," he analyzed the government's decisions to control the dollar.

Asked about his relationship with Alberto Fernández, Melconian declared: “That is the problem of the crack, I am not a crack, nor a weather vane, nor a pancake, I speak with so and so, with mengano, I am together with everyone, I am not going to change my ethical attitude, far from it. "" I have known Fernández since 2005, he introduced me to Kirchner to talk about economics, ”he recalled.