Carlos Reinoso Explodes Against Giovani Dos Santos

A week ago the current # 10 of Las Águilas del América was praised for his current coach Miguel Herrera where in statements in addition to praising his work, he indicated that to his liking he is the best coach that the history of Mexican soccer has had, as It was to be expected this did not like more than one.

This time, who attacked Gio was one of the maximum symbols of the Carlos Reinoso team who, with no hair on his tongue, said the following:


“I don’t know how many technicians Gio had, but to say that Miguel Herrera is the best. Well there it is different and difficult. I had Raúl Cárdenas, Roca, Vieira, ”said Carlos Reinoso, in an interview with ESPN.

Finally Reinoso stressed that to his liking he is not the best coach that America has had and explained why with these arguments:

“For me I don’t think he is the best coach in America. He is the best coach for America at the moment, as Azcárraga said, he also has a channel that shows and we were always raised with that mentality of liking, winning and thrashing. So I stay with Cárdenas, Roca and Viera ”, he added.

Very divided opinions, however it is a fact that at the moment we have the best coach that La Liga MX has, nor should we forget that Herrera is only 1 title away from making history with America, so if he succeeds, he will leave no arguments To anybody.