Carlos Rivera Does a Britney Spears And Shaves During The Quarantine

The singer shared his new look with his followers through Instagram.


The quarantine already has some celebrities on the verge of madness, a clear example is Carlos Rivera, well, in the purest style of Britney Spears, decided to shave. The singer shared the image with his followers, although some were surprised by the artist’s radical change.



“Things that one does in quarantine, what’s next?” Asked the interpreter of “Losing his head”, his most recent single with Becky G and Pedro Capó; Of course, the reactions did not take long and among all the praise and comments he received, highlighted the one from the host Cynthia Rodríguez, the singer’s girlfriend, who seems to be fascinated with the change of look, because the words for her boyfriend were: “The most handsome”.


“Handsome”, “You look great”, “Pelón”, “You look gorgeous” and “You look beautiful”, expressed some fans of the Mexican interpreter.


But he is not the only celebrity who has fallen into the clutches of the razor, other musicians such as Maluma and Don Omar have also resorted to these drastic changes during this Covid-19 contingency.


It should be noted that this quarantine is being spent as a couple Carlos and Cynthia, which has been commented by many, who claim the couple’s wedding.


Currently Carlos is also promoting a song by Leo-Dan, with whom he collaborated on a new version of the song “That wall”, on his Instagram account, Carlos shared how significant this collaboration is for him, since his own mother had recommended months before merging his voice to that of the interpreter.



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