Carlos Rivera, Last Presentation At The National Auditorium

Carlos Rivera, last presentation at the National Auditorium | Instagram

Carlos Rivera, winner of the third generation of the Academy concluded with his tour "Guerra tour" in the National Auditorium of Mexico City.

Attendees went crazy with each of the presentations provided by the original Tlaxcala singer Carlos Rivera.


At the end of his tour he had to close with a flourish, managing to sell a double sold out, making it the eighth of this venue.

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For the fortune of the young women who attended the last concert they took a pleasant surprise since Carlos chose to dance with one of them and even carried her in his arms causing screams of emotion and making the female audience vibrate.

Appearing a red jacket and black pants, opened his concert with a marching band that appeared among the attendees inviting them to get up from their seats to start enjoying the concert.

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"I love my madness" was the melody with which he opened the concert, wearing red jacket and black pants Carlos Rivera almost caused an earthquake due to the jumps of joy of his assistants when he appeared on stage.

Thousands of lights decorated the National Auditorium not only for the stage but for the attendees who Carlos did not tire of thanking as he expressed in his Instagram stories, the show that gave his fans was a success since at the beginning of this , he assured that he would give himself body and soul to his assistants.

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"For you I am and I exist. Everyone knows that I am all yours tonight," Rivera said with much love.

At the time of interpreting "The moon of the sky" the composer also confessed that for a long time he was unable to sing it and that this melody played a sensitive fiber of his being.

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He took the opportunity to tell his audience to show his affection for his loved ones that were alive since once that person or people leave you can do nothing to want to remedy what they were not told in life, some assistants assure that the interpretation from "The Moon of Heaven" was quite touching.

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