Carlos Vives On a Walk In Ponce

The Colombian singer Carlos Vives is this Saturday in the Puerto Rican city of Ponce, as revealed this Saturday by the mayor of the Ciudad Señorial on his social networks.

Luis Irizarry published today an image of Vives en Ponce with the chief of his cabinet, Luis Báez, and the city’s director of Tourism, Iván Rodríguez.

“We received a visit from the Colombian singer Carlos Vives who stopped in front of the Casa Mayor to see the organization of the Ponceño Carnival,” wrote the mayor of Ponce.


We received the visit of the Colombian singer, @Carlos Vives who stopped in front of the Mayor’s House to see the organization of the Ponceño Carnival. #PonceEstaTrending

– Dr. Luis M. Irizarry Pabón (@IrizarryPabon) February 13, 2021

The Colombian artist and the Puerto Rican Ricky Martin record a video on the Caribbean island of a song by the South American singer, as confirmed this week by the representative office of the Puerto Rican star.

Ricky Martin and Carlos Vives record video in Piñones

Local media had advanced the presence of both musicians in Puerto Rico, and, starting with the historic center of Old San Juan, they toured various parts of the geography of the Caribbean island to make recordings.

Ricky Martin showed a photo of himself this week on social networks in which he asks his followers “a lot of encouragement”, although he does not give information on where he is or his professional activity.

The local press reported earlier this week that the Colombian artist arrived in Puerto Rico on Wednesday with his work team for the production of the video, which they said will be directed by Carlos Pérez, from Elastic People.

The video recording would include locations such as the beaches of Piñones, in the municipality of Loíza, and other parts of the metropolitan area of ​​the Puerto Rican capital.

The video is part of a project by the Colombian that would go on the market next March.

The two artists had planned to meet months ago to work on the project, but the situation caused by the covid-19 pandemic so far prevented it from making it a reality.

The Colombian’s plans for 2020 included a great tour of Europe, but they were upset by covid-19 and those of 2021 remain uncertain.

Carlos Vives was recognized for Best Contemporary Album / Tropical Fusion for his album “Cumbiana” and Best Long Version Music Video for “El mundo perdidos de cumbiana” at the Latin Grammy Awards last November.