Carty Took Petare Five Times In The 1977 Caribbean Series

Carty Took Petare Five Times In The 1977 Caribbean Series

“I don’t want to know in life anymore/About other caresses that aren’t yours/I idolize you, the life of my life” Celia Cruz, more yours than yours

What is petare in the first place? I remember Max Álvarez from the Frente al Estadio program using the slogan ‘Petare is getting hotter’. Caracas”. I first visited Venezuela in 1977.

The 2023 Caribbean Series kicks off on Thursday, February 2nd. I’m not sure Petare is still the most dangerous area in Nicolas Maduro’s “goat horn” democracy.


If a colleague suggests you do a ‘Tik Tok’ on Petare… take care and listen to Héctor Laveau first on rue Luna Carré Sol. In this neighborhood / many handsome men killed him.”

Against the backdrop of Petare and Hector Laveau, it’s where Ricardo Carti landed 4 of the 5 balls he won in the 20th edition of the Caribbean Series, making up a true record of these classics.

Barry Jones of the San Juan Senators equaled Mark at Miami’s Orange Bowl in 1990 on a soccer field geared to play baseball. Its measurements were questioned, especially that of a left fielder who was outlined in yellow nylon. rope.

A total of 48 home runs were hit, considering the questionable dimensions of the Orange Bowl. This is a record for an event of this type, classified by Puerto Rico’s Caguas as 15. 13 By Leones del Escodido, Dominican Republic. Mexico’s Naranjiros de he Hermosillo his 10th. 10 for the Lions of Caracas in Venezuela

Of Carty’s five homers, four were by Caracas’ Estadio Universitario and one by Valencia’s José Bernardo Pérez.

Carty’s first home run was against Crioros de Caguas pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez. Second is Rex Hudson from Venados de Mazatlán. The third is Chris Basson, Magellan’s navigator. The fourth was Caguas’ Mike Kurkou and the fifth was Magallanes’ Manuel Sarmiento.

Carty set the record for most home runs with five and also set the record for most games in a straight four-corner hit with four. He was named Most Valuable Player of the Caribbean Little World Series.

The brand destroyed by Carty has been in effect since 1953 when Willard Brown (“El hombre Ese”) founded it at Havana’s Cerro Stadium.

days like today

In 1957, in the fifth game of the final series, Leones del Escogido defeated Laci, 2–1. Connie Grob covered the entire route and emerged victorious.

In 1961, Aguilas Cibaenhas defeated Leones del Escogido 1–0 in the sixth game of the final series. Octavio Acosta covered the entire route and left long hair with three hits.

In 1964, in the seventh game of the final series, played at Kisqueya Stadium, Lisi, along with lefty Guayuvin Olivo, defeated Aguilas 4–1. Olivo pitched big and it was his last game in professional baseball, after which he retired. 9 wins and 2 losses in the regular series, 2 wins in the final.

In 2002, two-man Cuban Andy Abad homered Luis Vizcaino to defeat Aguilas 9–8 at Cibao Stadium to clinch Lissi’s 17th crown at the Dr. Cesar Durgham Championship. rice field. Durham.

In 2018, Aguilas Sibaenhas won his 21st crown for the first time in 10 years. In the seventh leg of the final against his rivals Laci, he won comfortably 11-5.
Juan Carlos Pérez drove the four cars and Jean Marinez took the win.

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