Casado Places Iturgaiz As President Of The Basque PP Without Congress Or Primaries Despite The Electoral Failure Of July

Pablo Casado is going to complete the takeover of the Basque PP that began in February with the forced departure of Alfonso Alonso from the presidency and from the candidacy of the Basque elections, which were finally held in July and in which the ‘popular’, in coalition with Ciudadanos, concurred with Carlos Iturgaiz as a candidate. After several weeks of behind-the-scenes movements and many months of preparation, Genova will place Iturgaiz also as president on Thursday, a position he already held between 1996 and 2004. With this operation, Casado will strike down Alonso’s ‘number two’ and president since February, Amaya Fernández, who had maintained the moderate and provincial line in the face of a harsher speech from Iturgaiz, which was shipwrecked in the autonomous regions.

The movement will be made in a regional board of directors that has already been called for 5.30 pm. There will not be primaries – which is how Casado was elected in 2018 – nor will we even wait for the congress that the Basque PP has pending for 2021 and in which the Iturgaiz candidacy could have found an alternative, either that of Fernández or that of another person from the ‘alonsista’ sector, who continues to have an important internal weight. It is almost already a tradition that the Basque PP changes leaders in a traumatic way, since that is how the appointments of Arantza Quiroga or Alonso himself were also produced. Nor was the end of María San Gil’s stage peaceful.


After the departure of the former Minister of Health with Mariano Rajoy, the Basque PP had installed a kind of bicephaly. Fernández gave continuity to the previous political line at the institutional level but in the strategy and campaign messages it was ostensibly set aside to give all the prominence to Iturgaiz, without any organic position and chosen by Casado. The electoral results were a hard blow for the PP, which has remained in only 4 seats out of 75 in the Basque Parliament, since the other two elected are from Ciudadanos, a party that previously had no public office in the Basque Country. Before the campaign, Genoa already maneuvered against the president, as this newspaper published. And, after the elections, Fernández did not bite his tongue: “[Con Alonso] All the official polls that we had in the Basque Country gave a representation of no less than seven seats. “Iturgaiz, on the other hand, did not criticize himself.



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