Case Of The Faceless Baby Has Generated a Medical Malpractice Scandal In Portugal

The case of Rodrigo, a baby with ten days of life who was born without eyes, nose and part of the skull, has generated a scandal for negligence in Portugal, knowing that the obstetrician who followed the pregnancy and did not detect the malformations – exercised despite to have four disciplinary processes open.

According to the story of the family of the little one to the Portuguese morning sensationalist newspaper Correio da Manhã, the parents were treated throughout the pregnancy by this obstetrician in a private clinic where up to three ultrasounds were performed, without the specialist perceiving any malformations in any of them. the fetus

The situation became more strange when the parents performed a 5G ultrasound in a different clinic, in which they were then alerted that all was not well.


The family said that they took that report to the obstetrician, who devalued him and assured them that there was no problem.

But the reality was very different when Rodrigo was born on October 7 at the Hospital de São Bernardo, located in the town of Setúbal, south of Lisbon, where it was found that the baby had no eyes or nose, and that he was also missing part of the skull.

The doctors then gave a prognosis of a few hours of life to the little one, already exceeded, and now, in the middle of the legal actions, the case has scandalized after it was known that the doctor was already being questioned.

The specialist has four disciplinary proceedings open at the College of Physicians, they told local media, but refused to give more details about the nature of these processes.