Catalonia Plans To Do Massive Tests Of COVID-19 In Schools Around Christmas

The Generalitat is finalizing a strategy to carry out massive tests for the detection of coronavirus in educational centers around the Christmas holidays. The Minister of Education, Josep Bargalló, has advanced it in an interview on TV3. “We have been analyzing how to do it well for some time,” he said.

Although he has given few details, Bargalló has assured that his intention is to carry out “massive” tests on teachers and other professionals in the education sector. Likewise, he has defended that schools and institutes be one of the priority points for these screenings, since, in his opinion, they are centers that represent the community. “The best way to know how a territory is doing is to know how its schools are,” said the minister.


Bargalló also explained that teachers will be one of the essential sectors who will be prioritized for the vaccination campaign. Right behind health and nursing home workers.

The minister has defended once again that schools have been “safe” spaces against COVID-19 during the first quarter and that the total closure of schools has never been on the table. It has also reported that absenteeism has grown this year from 2% on average to 2.4%.



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