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Earth Is About To Capture a Strange “Mini-moon”

An unknown and newly discovered object will rendezvous our orbit from October 2021 to May 2021 next year, according to…

4 weeks ago

Yellowstone Volcano Could Erupt End Humanity NASA Will Try To Control It

To begin with there was an earthquake on March 18, 2020, magnitude 5.7 (M5.7) near Salt Lake City. Second there…

6 months ago

Russia Challenges Elon Musk With a Ship That Will Compete With The SpaceX Dragon

The Russian state company Roscosmos intends to sign a contract with the private company MTKS to create a reusable spacecraft,…

1 year ago

NASA Scientist: "The World Is Not Prepared If Man Finds Life On Mars"

The man is close to finding life on Mars, but the world is not prepared for the "revolutionary" implications that…

1 year ago

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