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Google Presents a Cheap Phone During The Pandemic Crisis | Voice Of America

SAN RAMÓN, CALIFORNIA - Google has started selling a budget phone that includes the same high-quality camera and several other…

4 hours ago

Walmart Delays Arrival Of Service That Would Rival Amazon Prime: Report

Walmart Plus has been delayed again. Getty Images Walmart has delayed the launch of its long-awaited subscription service, according to…

16 hours ago

Will Trump Ban TikTok In The US? | Voice Of America

That week Donald Trump is expected to announce whether he will ban the popular TikTok video app. From his Administration,…

1 day ago

Tablets Increase In Popularity During Confinement: Report

Sales of iPads and other tablets have increased this year compared to the previous year, at a time when people…

2 days ago

SpaceX And NASA Make History With The First Landing Of US Astronauts In 45 Years | Voice Of America

NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley made history as they docked this Sunday in the Gulf of Mexico after…

2 days ago

Mars 2020: El Talento Latino De La Próxima Misión a Marte. NASA

¿Hay vida en Marte? Esta pregunta que ha permeado la imaginación popular y la investigación científica dará un paso más…

3 days ago

Two NASA Astronauts Prepare To Go Home | Voice Of America

WASHINGTON, DC - Astronauts from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Doug Hurley and Bob Behnkenn, began preparations to…

3 days ago

The 2021 Bentley Bentayga Is Simply Better [fotos]

The 2021 SUV shows important updates. READ MORE WAB NEWS

4 days ago

Arrested Teenager Who Kidnapped Celebrity Twitter Accounts To Commit Fraud | Voice Of America

MIAMI, USA - The Florida state attorney's office filed a total of 30 criminal charges on Friday against a teenager…

4 days ago

Coronavirus Check: Who Would Qualify To Receive a Second Payment Of $ 1,200?

It is not yet clear who may - or may not - qualify for a possible second stimulus check. Sarah…

5 days ago

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