Cavani's Reaction After The Strong Crossing He Had With Lionel Messi – Ten

Uruguayan striker Edinson Cavani avoided getting into more controversy over the strong crossing he had with Lionel Messi in Argentina-Uruguay that was played today in Israel.

The 'Matador' acknowledged in mixed zone that the match ""se bit" ", but did not want to give more importance to what happened with the player From Barcelona.

""That's the classics. They are football stuff. It was a match rubbed at times. Quiet. With tickets Soccer stuff, more with South Americans. I think there are very good things about both of us. We have many things to improve, many things that we have been doing well. On the other side the same "", explained the charrúa, who reached 50 goals with his selection.


Cavani said they leave with ""a pretty positive feeling" "because they finished 2019 without knowing the defeat. ""Ending the year does well, but that does not guarantee anything" ".

Messi's mischief: Dodged four rivals from the ground

He also said he is satisfied with the tie against the Argentines. "" We scored two goals and at times we were superior, we played good football" ".

The crossing with Messi

Cavani provoked the Argentine forward in the complementary part when they were winning the match with his only goal.

Cavani invites Messi to fight in the middle of the game

The cameras captured the moment when the Uruguayan laughs in front of Messi and invites him to fight.

However, far from cracking, the captain of the Albiceleste confronts Cavani and reiterated on several occasions: ""When you want" ". A scene that will remain for the memory.