Cavs Center Nance Jr. Appreciates Training Again

CLEVELAND (AP) – There’s a big void in the life of Larry Nance Jr., who won’t be able to fill it no matter how much time he spends watching Korean football, practicing yoga, working out on his stationary bike, or distracting himself with video games.

Basketball is his life.


The COVID-19 pandemic has deprived Nance of one of his great passions and profession. For this, the Cleveland Cavaliers center was grateful to return to a real field – even if it was for a short time.

Nance is one of the few NBA players who have been able to exercise after the league gave teams permission to reopen their training centers, which were closed for nearly two months due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The health emergency led to the suspension of the season and has questioned its conclusion.

Nance returned to the Cavs’ facility on Friday. For two hours, the 27-year-old felt at home.

“This is the longest period without playing basketball in my entire life,” he said Tuesday in a conference call for Zoom.

The Portland Cavs and Trail Blazers are the first teams to reopen their facilities last week for structured and voluntary practice, restricted to one player and coach per basket. More teams are scheduled to hold workouts as more states begin to relax restrictions that have paralyzed sports in the United States.

Nance, who acknowledged a coronavirus test was performed for “panic” in March, said that although the conditions are surreal he felt safe to train due to the mask and other safety measures.

“For me this gives me a feeling of security,” he said of covering his face. “You have your own two baskets, that’s all. You have your own coach, who uses a mask, and gloves that are exclusive to you. Even in the weight room, you lift a weight and if I used 45 (pounds), nobody else that day is authorized to use 45 until they are cleaned and sterilized, so for me it was a good regimen and I feel safe to go ” .

Last week, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver spoke to the players and presented them with some plans the league has considered to complete the season. Some of the options include games without fans or using a centralized venue – possibly in Florida.