CC Sabathia And Justin Upton Label Ortiz The “Godfather” In Baseball

Former pitcher CC Sabathia and outfielder Justin Upton praised David Ortiz and called him the “godfather” of Major League Baseball (MLB).

In a slot on the R2C2 podcast, the former Yankees and the Angels player said the best of Ortiz, praising him for his extensive knowledge of all facets of baseball.

For Sabathia, he is the “Godfather” of the ball, since with him he can speak not only about batting, but also about pitching and the characteristics of any major league player.


Meanwhile, Upton confessed that the Dominican is a person who advises you in any situation. “Whenever I ran into him and ended up talking to him,” Upton said.

Sabathia had many battles with Ortiz, being able to dominate him and even suffer him, in those exciting Red Sox and Yankees games.

The Dominican played from 1997 to 2916 in the majors, hitting 541 home runs throughout his career, ranked as one of the best hitters on the circuit, where he also won three World Series rings.

Here the video:

.@CC_Sabathia & @JUST_JUP have a ton of respect for @davidrtiz 🙌

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