CDC Releases Guidelines For Reopening Schools

Washington, D.C. – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued comprehensive guidelines for reopening schools, workplaces, and community activities.

After a scuffle with the White House about whether they should be accurate, the CDC warned, in regulations published this week, that the first question authorities should ask themselves is whether their schools are ready to protect children and older employees disease risk.

“Can they screen students and staff upon arrival for symptoms and exposure history?” The CDC cautioned that school districts have to ask themselves.


Any negative response to those two approaches, they said, should be a confirmation that that school district is not ready to reopen its classrooms.

Along with the necessary hygiene and disinfection measures, the guides encourage the physical distancing of students and teachers, create small groups and, as much as possible, that the same students stay in one classroom.

They also suggested that schools serve food to students in the same classroom, use sanitary dishes, and avoid sharing utensils.

CDC encourages universities to use distance learning tools.

But, those who decide to return to campus, should promote keeping closed communal spaces such as dining rooms, exercise rooms and games.

With respect to restaurants, the CDC reaffirmed that they must follow the recommendations for physical distance – six feet – and the use of masks among their employees.

Restaurants and other businesses, in turn, should assign their employees most vulnerable to the coronavirus to tasks that minimize contact with customers and other workers.