Celebration That Ended In Sadness

The two objectives that National had on date 15 of the Águila-2 League, before Junior, were in see.

In the previous one, if the green club beat the set of Barranquilla, it would end the day of leader and would be practically classified among the eight. But the afternoon had an unexpected ending: Junior defeated the cast of Antioquia 1-0, left sadness among the fans and postponed the task of coach Juan Carlos Osorio for the coming commitments.

The day began with the optimism of the fans of Verdolagas, who from 10:00 in the morning enjoyed in the Banderas Park a recognition of the champions of the Copa Libertadores of 89, a historical museum, exhibitions of urban art and recreational activities in the middle of a festive atmosphere and integration.


Everything was ready to close the special date with the triumph over sharks, and the background supported that good energy. The green had only lost a home game against the juniors in the last 18 meetings at Atanasio.

He started the game and as it has been a constant in this process, Nacional left with his foot on the accelerated, but it was diluted against the good defensive response of the visiting team, so he did not find the roads to the goal.

In the complementary stage the tonic had to be the same, but more clearly. However, the expulsion of Brayan Rovira at minute 57 changed the picture, because the obligation was still the local and had to risk to break the parity.

In that desperation to please and give the fans the victory, came a quick kick of the Junior and goalkeeper José Fernando Cuadrado had no choice but to take down the attacking shark. The referee did not hesitate and punished a penalty, which was translated into goal by Luis Narváez when the clock marked almost 80 minutes of play.

In the last section, Nacional continued to risk but Junior remained firm in defense and thus managed to defend the score in his favor.

Bitter result where you look at it, because the party also meant the return of Osorio to the Athanasius to direct his pupils from the line, a function that, since his sanction, Pompilio Páez had been fulfilling.

This 1-0 also became the second defeat of the purslane club in the current League. National will visit Patriots next Thursday, and then his coach will travel to England to fulfill academic commitments.

That way, Pompilio will direct again until October 22 when the Risaraldense coach returns.

The day of the fan started well, he enjoyed himself greatly, but ended in sadness and the green team was indebted to his hobby.