Celebrities Participate In The March For Women’s Day

Thousands of women joined the march held at the CDMX in commemoration of International Women’s Day.

Within the framework of International Women’s DayYesterday, more than 80 thousand people took to the streets in Mexico City, heading to the Zócalo Capitalino, to march and demand security and justice in the face of the wave of feminicides and gender violence that in recent years has hit the country.


Several personalities joined the march, including Camila Sodi , Rebecca Jones, Mon Laferte, Joy Huerta , Zuria and Marimar Vega, Regina Blandón, Andrea Legarreta and her daughters, Mia and Nina Rubin, Macarena Achaga, Paulina Goto Y Fernanda Castillo, among other artists who joined the cry of: “Not one more, not one more, not one more murdered.”

“I think it’s important, I think it’s a day when all women must go out to fight for our rights, to fight for all, for girls, for those who are no longer there, for those of us who are still here and for our daughters . The truth is that I am very happy to be here and join the march, ”he acknowledged. Fernanda Castillo.

Natalia Lafourcade, Guadalupe Pineda, Susana Zabaleta, Anette Michel, Ximena Romo and Gaby de la Garza They also attended the demonstration to promote gender equity.

“With the example you start, and this is my position on life, I believe that things must change and I believe that it is time for us to listen to each other strongly and to be one voice as women, as girls and as mom not only a girl, but a boy too and I think that the dialogue between men and women changes because it is a struggle not of women but in common, ”he said Zuria Vega


“We have to listen to each other because the more we are the better and the bigger the message is going to be and we have to be united. We have to be united by us, for those who are no longer, for which we are and for which it also comes. We have to change things because this situation is already unsustainable “he added Gaby de la Garza.

Other Mexicans like Salma Hayek and Kate del Castillo They sent through their social networks a message of support for the national strike called by feminist groups to demand from the government actions against gender violence, in a country where, according to statistics, an average of ten women are killed every day.

“I know that today I have been very active on Instagram, but tomorrow I do not touch it, tomorrow I do not work, tomorrow I do not buy, I join the struggle of Mexican women to combat feminicide. Happy International Women’s Day,” he wrote Salma in a message on a red background.