Celebs Meet On The Spanish Islands

Celebs Meet On The Spanish Islands

The Balearic Islands become a VIP enclave once the summer season starts.

On June 21, one of the most anticipated and special seasons of the year began: summer. This translates into packing and unpacking to visit idyllic destinations such as the Balearic Islands. Precisely this aforementioned enclave becomes a coming and going of familiar faces from all corners of the planet. The crystalline waters of its beaches, the fine white sand, entertainment venues and local gastronomy are some of the claims for celebrities that attract attention in the social chronicle, both nationally and internationally.

Without going any further, Elsa Pataky and her husband, Chris Hemsworth, arrived in Madrid with their three children India, Sasha and Tristán after spending a few days in Ibiza, as they have made clear on their social networks. Platform in which they have shared some of the funniest moments of her stay in the actress’s homeland.


Prince Federico and Mary of Denmark have also chosen the island of Pitiusa, who have traveled to Spain with their children Christian, Isabella, Josephine and Vincent. They rented a boat to go sailing through the waters of the Mediterranean and have greater peace of mind, something they achieved. Added to this VIP list is Christian from Hannover, who is in Formentera with his wife, Sassa de Osma, his twins, princes Nicolás and Sofía. They are also accompanied by his mother, Chantal Hochuli, who usually takes advantage of the summer to travel.

Christian from Hannover, in Formentera, in 2021. GTRES

On the other hand, Ivanka Trump, daughter and right-hand man of former US President Donald Trump, has taken a few days off and has traveled to the island of Formentera with her husband, Jared Kushner, and a group of friends with whom she went out to navigate. Likewise, Ivanka has made a getaway to Ibiza with her husband, a place where they have met the musician David Guetta of whom they are great fans. All of them were having lunch in one of the most exclusive beach bars on the Balearic island with views of the sea.

One more year, Borja and Blanca Thyssen have chosen Ibiza to enjoy a few days of summer vacation. The couple went sailing on a boat unrelated to the controversy that has been generated with the book that Nieves Herrero has written about the life of Baroness Thyssen and also with the estrangement that has occurred with her in recent months.

Borja Thyssen and Blanca Cuesta, in Ibiza a few days ago. GTRES

Who also did not want to miss the opportunity to visit Spanish lands has been Jared Leto. The Hollywood star has also chosen the island of Ibiza to spend a few days. He arrived with a group of friends with whom he was enjoying a day at the beach. Be that as it may, it is clear, once again, that the Balearic Islands are the favorite epicenter of almost all celebrities.

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