Cerveza Toña Ventures Into The Salvadoran Market | El Salvador News

The Nicaraguan Beer Company (CCN) began exporting Cerveza Toña to the Salvadoran market from the first week of October after an alliance with the Morazán Distributor.

“Cerveza Toña has established itself as one of the most recognized national and international brands, reaching a special place in the taste of its consumers for its incomparable taste and superior quality, characteristics that have positioned our product very well,” said Mario Gutiérrez, brand manager of Cerveza Toña in a statement.

The company says the drink is “made with the finest malts and hops certified by world-class breweries such as Siebel Institute of Technology, Chicago and Brautechnische Prüf-und Versuchsanstalt, Munich-Weihenstephan”.


The beer that is high consumption in Nicaragua is lager type, light color and with a balance between taste, bitterness and body.

"We are sure that Salvadoran consumers will enjoy the taste of Nicaragua offered by our Toña Beer," Mario Gutierrez added.

Since 2003, Cerveza Toña has a presence in the markets of the United States, Costa Rica and, since 2018, in Honduras. These markets have been a priority for the CCN since they are homes for many Nicaraguans. In Honduras, they entered the market with two products, Toña and Toña Lite.

The Salvadoran cercevero market has undergone several changes in recent years with the entry of brands such as Gallo, of Guatemalan origin.

Likewise, with the new player: Cervercería Salvadoreña, which manages the Regia Extra and Suprema brands, originally from Industrias La Constancia. As with the rise of craft beers, such as Cadejo.

"The recognition of consumers and their preference for the brand have made Toña the leading beer in the Nicaraguan market because it makes them proud of their beautiful people and traditions," says the company.

The CCN was founded in 1926, its iconic product, Cerveza Toña, is Nicaragua's main export beer.