CES 2022 Closes Between Futuristic Concepts And Surprising Inventions

LAS VEGAS, USA – CES 2022 has come to a close, and despite the absence of many players from the tech world and little turnout due to the COVID-19 pandemic, several concepts and innovations stood out. In particular, the German automotive house BMW became a viral trend thanks to its iX Flow model that uses an electronic ink to transform from one color to another and allows the driver to adapt the exterior of their vehicle to different situations and individual wishes. “We have taken the E-ink technology we know from e-readers and Kindles and got a whole new use. [..] By changing the color of the car, you can influence the reflection of the sun and turn it dark or gold, “said Stella Clarke, project manager for the BMW iX Flow with E Ink. Another original idea is the Japanese company Skydrive with its ultra-compact and emission-free flying vehicle, which wants to revolutionize the world of transport, especially that of taxis. “This flew in 2020 with a man in it, our test pilot flew at this height, three or four meters. [..] This is the beginning of the journey. This is just a tech demo. We are now very busy in Japan working on the certified version of our product due out in 2025, ”Mark Blackwell, Head of Research and Development at Skydrive, told the . Robots were the protagonists of CES 2022, with some models that could also perform surgery, learning from the people who control them. “Over time, the artificial intelligence brain evolves, so it goes from learning to helping you complete a task. So I start looking for something and then I will complete it. And eventually it becomes semi-autonomous, ”Harry Kloor, president of Beyond Imagination Inc., told the VOA. The future is in the metaverse And the metaverse is projected as the true gold mine of the future for the world of high technology, with a thousand possibilities that are being developed for this virtual dimension, from the most entertaining to the most serious. So much so that one day it could be an immersive part of our daily lives. “What the metaverse allows is the ability to have a real presence. And I think that’s the potential for how communication could change – it’s the ability to feel present and a lot of that is physical incarnation. You’re not just talking to a screen, ”James Kaplan, President of Meetkai, explained to the VOA. After a year of hiatus without a physical event in Las Vegas, what we have seen at this CES 2022 was the clear will of the companies present to surprise, to propose new and, at times, courageous ideas. Reveal concepts that seem to come from the distant future but are actually within reach. * With the collaboration of Luis Felipe Rojas, from Miami. Connect with the ! Subscribe to our YouTube channel and activate notifications, or follow us on social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.