Ceuta’s Health Minister Resigns Who Snuck Into The Vaccination

The Minister of Health of Ceuta, Javier Guerrero, has presented his resignation on Tuesday, four days after it was revealed that he was vaccinated early, skipping the protocol. Guerrero, who got the vaccine together with the general director of Health and Consumption of the Government of the autonomous city, Rebeca Benarroch, and other workers of the council, justified himself by saying that the technicians had asked him and that he had not “skipped no protocol or strategy ”.

Guerrero has submitted his irrevocable resignation as a director and has also resigned his resignation from the act of deputy of the Assembly of the Autonomous City of Ceuta. This decision was taken after reflecting again and being convinced that, at all times, he has acted correctly and in good faith, knowing that both the City Government and the Popular Party will continue to manage the pandemic. with equal effectiveness, he said, and taking into account that the city is going through a health crisis that requires the “maximum effort and attention of all.”


Finally, Javier Guerrero wanted to thank the trust placed, first as a member of the electoral list of the Popular Party, and later, as a member of the regional executive.

“I did not want to be vaccinated, but the technicians asked me,” he argued at a press conference after learning that he had been vaccinated irregularly. “The Ministry includes Public Health personnel who work in the direct management of the pandemic among the groups to be immunized with priority and that has been followed to the letter,” it was justified. Guerrero had so far refused to leave his post. But the pressure has been growing in the last hours, when the mayor of the city, Juan Vivas (PP), has been in favor of opening a parliamentary investigation.



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