Champion Atlas Defeats Cruz Azul To Win His First Victory

Champion Atlas Defeats Cruz Azul To Win His First Victory

Mexico City (AP) — Jeremy Marquez scored a second half goal on Saturday to break a partial tie, Colombia’s Julian Quiñones win another goal, and defending champion Atlas beat Cruz Azul 3- He defeated 2 and won his first victory at the Mexican Appertura Tournament. ..

Oziel Herrera opened the fox in the 10th minute, but Santiago Jimenez leveled the match in the 20th minute, Marquez was behind in the 70th minute, and Quiñones won in the 81st minute.


Los Zorros, Mexico’s third and second-time champion since the short tournament was held in 1996, scored points after two dates.

Currently, the team led by Diego Cocca of Argentina has four units, which are in seventh place while waiting for other results on the day.

Uruguay’s Christian Tabó added a goal to the car in the 86th minute. The car made its second retreat at Apertura and remained in 12th place with three units.

This is a late start for the team led by Diego Aguirre of Uruguay, who is competing in the first tournament in Mexico to rescue Juan Reynoso of Peru.

The machine tries to straighten the course on the fourth d ay of measuring power with the tournament leader Puebla.

Cruz Azul played with 10 men from the 45th minute when Argentina’s Carlos Rotondi was sent off by a foul on Anderson Santa Maria in Peru.

Locals proceeded with a corner kick play, and Herrera was surprised to come from behind, connecting the headers of a small area that left goalkeeper Sebastian Hrad without a chance.

Cruz Azul caught up with the tie when Jimenez received a cross from the right side and tied a solid header to the right of Colombian goalkeeper Camilo Vargas.

Peru’s Edison Flores sent a cross from the left side, and Marquez fired a powerful heading shot, beating Jurad 2-1.

Atlas declared victory when Quiñones entered the area from the left side and made a low shot on the left side of Jurad.

Towards the end, Tabo took the ball in the area and transformed it with a powerful shot that went beyond Vargas’s shot.

CHIVAS forgets to win

Santos scored a one-on-one draw with Eduardo Aguile’s goal, Chibas, who had not won in Apertura.

Jose Gonzalez brought the visitor forward at 46, while “Mudo” Aguile leveled at 71 with great personal play.

Warriors have four points that are placed in the seventh position while waiting for other results on the date.

Guadalajara, who hadn’t scored a goal in the first two games, now has two units and remains in 15th place out of 18 teams.

When Alexis Vega overflowed from the left side, sent a cross to the small area where “Tepa” González arrived and pushed the ball behind the net, Chivas went ahead.

Santos was improved and leveled when Aguile received the ball in the area, shook the marks of the two defenders and Miguel Jimenez scored with a powerful shot in the left post. ..


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