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Although the mystery is round with the Cuban left-hander, there is not much more to offer than Yankees optimism and that the alleged injury is somewhat mild (Photo taken from the New York Post)

By Daniel de Malas / (email protected)

The Yankees have been chased by
injuries throughout the 2019 season and still, they are the first team
qualified for the Championship Series, after night that completed the sweep
before the Minnesota Twins. Holidays aside, the bad news was that the
Cuban closer Aroldis Chapman appeared in the dressing room with his hand
Left apparently injured in the team celebration.


The New Yorkers went to celebrate immediately that the last out fell, but the reporters present immediately noticed that the left-handed capper had bandaged the hand to throw.

To the question Chapman replied: “We were
celebrating and jumping when I hit myself with a bottle ”

"But I'm fine," said the Holguin.

Yankees general manager Brian
Cashman told the media that: “I noticed it sold in the hand of Aroldis when
I crossed it in the locker room and crashed fists in greeting. Chapman had
a wide smile on his face, so that's a good sign. ”

Although round the mystery with the left-handed of
Cuban, there is not much more to offer than the optimism of the Yankees and that the
alleged injury is something slight that does not prevent its presence in the Series of
Championship against the winner of Astros and Rays.

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