Charlie's Angels: Internet Users Criticize The Director For Blaming Machismo For Her Box Office Failure – Tomatazos

Charlie's Angels: Internet Users Criticize The Director For Blaming Machismo For Her Box Office Failure – Tomatazos

The new film, Charlie's Angels – 60%, is not doing so well at the box office. Despite having the performances of Kristen Stewart, Naomi Watts and Ella Balinska and that the criticism in general was good, the public's disinterest in seeing a remake of this film was bigger and is already positioned as one of the latest failures of the year. Faced with this unfortunate situation, the director, Elizabeth Banks, says that it is the fault of machismo and the lack of interest of the male audience to see an action movie with women protagonists. These comments have not gone unnoticed in social networks and users have responded.

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During an interview with the Herald Sun, the director, writer, producer and actress of the film discussed the issue of why if this production failed it affirmed a stereotype within the public, in which it would be confirmed that men are not willing to See women in action movies:


Look, people have to buy tickets for this movie. This movie has to make money. If this movie doesn't make money, it will reinforce a stereotype in Hollywood that men aren't going to see women in action movies.

The actress of The Hunger Games – 84% did not expect her angels to be so belittled at the box office, and to keep her previous comment, she attacked the superhero cinema, claiming that productions such as Captain Marvel – 60% and Wonder Woman – 86% starring Brie Larson and Gal Gadot, were productions that had triumphed because they fed a sector aimed at men, which is the world of comics.

The comments of the director have not gone unnoticed in social networks, and Internet users have commented that if the tape did not work it was because nobody was interested in seeing it and that the advertising campaign did not help anything to get the spirits up . Some comments said:

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Elizabeth Banks knows that women also didn't want to see her Charlie's Angels movie, right? I understand, Hollywood and the world really, is frustrating and sexist as heck, but she just has to face the facts. Hard as it may be, his film did not seem attractive to people.

I woke up: Charlie's angels didn't do well because marketing was crap and it looked like a cash theft trying to have an old franchise when people got tired of restarting

Not even some fans of the actress could help her out of the mess she got into after her statements. Some of them even claimed that remakes simply fail no matter if they are starring men or women, simply because people don't want to see more stories that are already known:

Elizabeth Banks is wrong to blame machismo for Charlie's Los Angeles failure. If it were for that reason movies like Tomb Raider, Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel and The Hunger Games would also have failed, in addition other sequels and reboots starring men fail

– Sara (@ SMmad90) November 17, 2019

Elizabeth Banks had to worry more about making a better movie …. because her excuses are very bad

– Gustavo Barba (@ GusBarba07) November 18, 2019

Look, Elizabeth Banks, a female character leading a trilogy whose first two films are in the historic box office top. I say this in case you want to wipe your tears.

– Mr. Quinn (@goonielor) November 19, 2019

Elizabeth Banks, meanwhile, has tried to take criticism of her film and her statements in a better way, since after learning of the failure she suffered at the box office and little interest in the public, she decided to encourage and reaffirm the pride which is from his film since his name appears in four categories: as a director, as a producer, as a writer, and as an actress:

Well, if you're going to be a failure, make sure your name is four times. I am proud of Charlie's Angels and I am happy that it exists in the world.

Well, if you're going to have a flop, make sure your name is on it at least 4x. I'm proud of #CharliesAngels and happy it’s in the world.

– Elizabeth Banks (@ElizabethBanks) November 18, 2019

What is your opinion on the comments of Elizabeth Banks? Do you agree that it was all the fault of the advertising campaign and the little interest that people have in seeing remakes?

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