Charlie's Los Angeles Director Says That Captain Marvel And Wonder Woman Triumphed For Being Of A “male Gender” – Tomatazos

Charlie's Los Angeles Director Says That Captain Marvel And Wonder Woman Triumphed For Being Of a “male Gender” – Tomatazos

What prevented Charlie's Angels – 60% from being successful at the box office? According to its director, actress Elizabeth Banks, it could be that the public is sexist and do not like to see women protagonists outside the canons of film genres made for men as in the cases of Captain Marvel – 60% and Woman Wonder – 92%. This was said in an interview that came out days before the film had one of the most disappointing collections at the end of the year.

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Elizabeth Banks, the director of Charlie's Los Angeles reboot, revealed in an interview with The Herald Sun that if her movie turns out to be a commercial failure that reinforces the idea that the public is sexist and doesn't want to see women in the movies. When asked about the triumph at the box office of films such as Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel, he said that those films earned money for belonging to a predominantly male franchise:


People have to buy tickets to watch this movie. This movie has to make money. If this movie does not, it reinforces the stereotype in Hollywood and that men do not want to see women make action movies. They are going to watch comic films like Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel because that is a male gender. So even though those are films about women, the context of enlarging a larger world of comics puts them. So, yes, you are watching Wonder Woman in a movie, but you are establishing three other characters or Justice League.

The failure of Charlie's Angels – 60% also adds to Terminator: Hidden Destination – 62%, another film with three women as protagonists who failed at the box office. But is it the gender of its main actors that determines success or failure? Hardly, although it is true that Gal Gadot and Brie Larson films are part of a much larger franchise, that is also no guarantee, as Supergirl – 7% or more recently Green Lantern – 26% or Hellboy – proved it decades ago 24%, being part of a previous existing genre or material does not guarantee that people go to the movies.

And there are successful action franchises, in the history of cinema, that have women protagonists. The one that started Resident Evil: The Cursed Guest – 34%, with Milla Jovovich, or The Hunger Games – 84% with Jennifer Lawrence, as well as Sigourney Weaver in the aftermath of Alien – The Eighth Passenger – 97%, prove that there are characters Feminine capable of creating lasting sagas. Or also to revitalize them as was the case of Charlize Theron in Mad Max: Fury On The Road – 97% or Fast and Furious 8 – 67%. So Banks' argument is easily refuted.

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The combination of libretto, director and talent will always be the key to any movie and even among films that one could call out as directed mainly at a male audience, certain female characters stand out. Such could be the case, for example, of Rebecca Ferguson in the last two installments of Mission Impossible, franchise with Tom Cruise or Naomie Harris in the James Bond saga with Daniel Craig.

Is superhero cinema the only alternative for women in action? Hardly and in any case, Charlie's Los Angeles reviews highlight his cast and their respective interpretations as one of the film's strengths, which incidentally did not premiere in all markets this week, a strategy that could also be responsible for Low revenue And it will be just in a few months, for example, that we will see Birds of Prey, the first superhero film, in this boom of the genre, with a predominantly female cast led by Margot Robbie, will it prove a box office success and give the reason to Banks or will there be more elements that will sustain or sink the project? We will find out in February when Harley and her friends get to cause chaos.

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