Chelsea Manning Again Asks To Be Released In Virginia

Alexandria, Virginia – Former intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning again asked a judge for his release.

In a motion filed Wednesday before a federal court in Alexandria, Manning’s lawyers allege that she has demonstrated during 11 months of imprisonment that she cannot be coerced to testify before an investigating jury.

Manning has been in prison since May for refusing to testify before a jury investigating the WikiLeaks website, which specializes in leaks. He had already spent two previous months in jail in 2019 for refusing to testify before another investigative jury.


Manning could spend another seven months in prison unless he appears. The civil contempt citation is intended to force her to testify. However, his lawyers claim that he should be released from prison because he has shown that his principles do not allow him to be coerced.

Federal prosecutors contend that Manning can easily influence his release by attending the summons of the investigating jury. They say he has the same obligation to testify as all citizens.

A hearing for Manning’s request is not yet scheduled.

The former analyst also asks for a forgiveness of more than $ 250,000 in fines imposed at a rate of $ 1,000 each day she refuses to testify. Her lawyers said she has no way to earn income to cover such a fine, and that her plans to write an autobiography were interrupted by her imprisonment, which made the book project less financially viable.