Chicago Cubs! The Team Where Yasiel Puig Could Land After a New Rule

Cuban Yasiel Puig could land in the Chicago Cubs after the new MLB designated hitter rule.

Several National League teams have an unexpected weak spot due to the new designated hitter rule that the MLB implemented through suspension.

One of them is the Chicago Cubs, who will need a very strong designated hitter, and they can go look for him in MLB free agency.


Clearly the main candidate would be the Cuban Yasiel Puig, who has not yet found a team in the MLB and is looking for a short contract for a not so exaggerated bonus.

It is clear that with the departure of Addison Russell and Nicolás Castellanos, the team’s payroll was reduced a little. Yasiel Puig is a strong option and quite nice due to his value and time looking to be signed in MLB.

The Cubs may also choose to put up their young veteran Kyle Schwarber who comes from hitting 39 home runs and more than 92 RBIs last season, but they still need him outfield for the upcoming MLB season.

Yasiel Puig comes from playing with two teams last season, the Cleveland Indians and the Cincinnati Reds. He batted for 267 with 24 homers and 84 RBIs in the MLB.



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