Chicago Teachers Refuse To Work Before Getting Vaccinated

CHICAGO (AP) – The Chicago Teachers Association voted to ignore the order to return to classrooms before being vaccinated against the coronavirus, heralding a confrontation with authorities who liken the challenge to an illegal strike.

Chicago’s education district, the nation’s third-largest, had ordered about 10,000 teachers to return to classrooms on Monday to prepare to host about 70,000 students on February 1. No date has been set for secondary schools.


The teachers’ association, however, opposed the plan, fearing for the health of its members and urged them to continue teaching from home, defying the order of the district authorities.

The district, which is home to about 355,000 students and has been offering distance classes since March last year due to the pandemic, has gradually reincorporated students to classrooms. The parents of thousands of children this month voted to resume face-to-face classes, and there were punishments for teachers who did not show up in classrooms.