Chicharito Hernández Throws James Corden Into The Water In Fun Dynamics

The Mexican soccer player did not achieve the feat at first, but as soon as he succeeded

Football player Javier Hernández “Chicharito” , was as a guest in the program the Late Show with James Corden, where besides having the typical interview with the driver, he also participated in a fun dynamic:


The idea was that James corden He will sit on a platform placed above a water tank. Together there was a shot a target, which if touched by a ball would cause the driver to fall.

In that episode the actress Alison Pill and the rapper Usher They were also as guests, so and since they do not have so much practice in football, they were the first to try to take down the driver.

Alison took a fut ball, was barefoot and got up a little the dress to prepare his shot, but not before listening to a nervous James corden who warned him that the water in which he could fall was freezing. And in that case he was saved, because the actress of Star Trek: Picard the shot failed.

Then it was the turn of Usher

, who presumed that at least he knows how to do some tricks with the ball, although at the time of kicking it, like his partner, for a few centimeters he failed the shot, which Corden I could not believe. Come on, he even showed his surprise by covering his mouth with his hands.

Then it was the turn of Chicharito. The footballer calmly took the ball, accommodated him and, among applause from the audience, he released the expected kick … and failed, Chicharro failed! Then came a second attempt and again the Mexican soccer player sent a deflected shot, which incidentally disappointed James corden.

But as they say, the third is the charm, so Chicharito He tried it a third time, now with the shouts of the people and driver who repeated his nickname over and over again. And it turned out. The ball hit the target and James corden fell into the water.

Those who were most glad of his feat were Usher Y Alison who clashed palms with the L.A. player Galaxy and they applauded like the rest of those present.