China Accused Donald Trump Of Wanting To Turn Space Into "a Battlefield"

China on Monday accused the United States of wanting to turn space into a "battlefield," after US President Donald Trump promoted the creation of a "space force," the sixth division of the US military.

Trump officially created this new military branch on Friday with the ratification of the Pentagon's 2020 budget. "Space is the new war front in the world," said the Republican leader.

Chinese diplomacy spokesman Geng Shuang accused Washington of "continuing his military career in space" and of wanting to "turn it into a kind of battlefield" after being asked about the creation of this unit.


"China expresses its deep concern and firm opposition."

According to Shuang, the US initiative "violates the international consensus on the peaceful use of space." The international community must urgently negotiate "a legal instrument that limits and controls armaments in space."

The US military hegemony in space is threatened by China and Russia that developed their technological capabilities, allowing them to interfere with the communications and operation of GPS satellites or fire missiles at satellites, as China successfully tested in 2007 , according to the Pentagon. (AFP)



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