China Closes Hospitals To Contain Coronavirus

The hospital in Wuhan, China, addresses the coronavirus crisis.

STR / AFP / Getty Images

The Chinese authorities have closed two of the provisional hospitals built in the city of Wuhan on Sunday, epicenter of the new coronavirus, due to a decrease in cases.


With these two closures, there are already 11 provisional hospitals that have stopped working in Wuhan, capital of the Hubei province, in central China, due to the “decrease in the number of patients,” according to the official Chinese news agency , Xinhua, which quotes local authorities.

One of the two closed hospitals was in sports facilities and had 1,000 beds and more than 1,000 workers. Since February 12, he has treated 1,056 patients without infecting any medical worker.

The other hospital that has stopped working this Sunday had more than 6,100 square meters and had treated patients with 996 beds since February 17.

The Hubei Health Department had informed that the gradual closure of hospitals would begin, although strict prevention and control measures were maintained.

China is the main focus of the new coronavirus with 3,097 deaths and 80,695 infected until Sunday. However, the infections are barely testimonial after the strict control measures and in the last hours there have been only 44 new cases and 27 deaths, always in the province of Hubei.



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