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China Sends a Space Probe To The Moon | Voice Of America

China launched an unmanned spacecraft to the Moon, where it will collect sand and rock samples, and return them to Earth. If successful, it would be the first mission by any nation to remove samples from the lunar surface since the 1970s, and the third nation after the United States and Russia to remove such samples. The Chang’e 5 lunar probe, named after the Chinese goddess of the Moon, will seek to collect materials that can help scientists understand more about the origin and formation of the moon. The US space agency, NASA, maintains that the objective of the mission is to land in a previously unvisited area of ​​the planet known as Oceanus Procellarum and operate during a lunar day, which lasts 14 days from Earth, and return with two kilograms of lunar sand, possibly coming from up to 2 meters deep. NASA announces the Artemis program, which would govern coexistence on the Moon The principles released under the Artemis program, as published by NASA, attempt to reconcile the exploitation of resources and lay the foundations for a larger expedition, such as the trip. to Mars, with the participation of various nations. The sample would be sent to Earth in a capsule from the Long March 5 rocket that would land in the Siziwang Banner grasslands of China’s Mongolia Autonomous Region. During a short visit, organized by the government, to the space launch center, journalists were taken to a place where they could see, in the distance, the Long March 5 rocket that would carry the Chang’e 5 probe to the moon. news agency Reuters reported that China made its first landing on the moon in 2013. In January 2019, the Chang’e 4 probe landed on the moon, the first time a lunar probe did. Over the next decade, China plans to establish a robotic lunar base to conduct unmanned exploration of the satellite’s South Pole area.


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