China Would Send 100,000 Ducks To Devour Locust Plague

It seems that ducklings will dine very well …
                                                    Hoang Dinh Nam / AFP via Getty Images
                                                Pakistan’s lobster population could soon face an army of 100,000 Chinese ducks that would get there to fight the insects that plague Pakistan’s crops, Bloomberg reported Wednesday, February 26. Birds are “biological weapons” with a big appetite for lobsters: a single duck can eat more than 200 a day, the researcher at the Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Lu Lizhi, told the news agency. They could be deployed in Pakistan in the second half of the year, after a test in the western Chinese region of Xinjiang.





    Lobster infestation is apparently the worst that Pakistan has seen in 20 years, and threatens the country’s wheat crop after ruining its cotton crop last year, according to a report by The Guardian, which in turn quoted Ningbo Evening News Lu also said that ducks are cheaper, more effective and cause less environmental damage than pesticides. In 2000, China sent 30,000 ducks from Zhejiang Province to Xinjiang to combat a locust infestation, the BBC said. Ducks are better lobster hunters than chickens because they move together instead of separating, and hens only eat about 70 lobsters a day.