Chiquis Rivera Assures That The Covid-19 Is Mental And Is Overcome By Making Him Want

Los Angeles, USA.- After announcing that she and her husband had coronaviruses, Chiquis Rivera updated her Instagram stories with a video where she reveals that she has dedicated herself to resting and taking home remedies.

However, the one that most caught the attention of the users is that the singer assured that everything is in the mind and if you have a good attitude and take hot things you can overcome the disease.

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I have been lying down, but today I woke up, I was not feeling well and said I am going to clean the kitchen, I am going to move a little more today, in fact right now I am going to get on the treadmill, they say this is mental and sweating helps you so much so I had a hot tea.

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I’m still not 100, I’m like 70, but this is just really wanting, drinking a lot of water, hot teas and an injection of stem cells that helped me a lot.

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