Chiquis Rivera: She Is Deceived By Lorenzo Méndez And Publishes It On Networks

Chiquis Rivera: She is deceived by Lorenzo Méndez and publishes it on networks | Instagram Special

Chiquis Rivera: She is deceived by Lorenzo Méndez and publishes it on networks. Jenni Rivera’s oldest daughter is currently one of the most wanted celebrities on Instagram.

Her personality and indomitable talent have led her to conquer several of her most loyal followers. We could say that he is in one of the best stages of his career.


Her fans love her peculiar way of dressing in glitter dresses and pink Barbie-style outfits, she makes it clear that criticism matters little to her, since she proudly presumes her curves.

The reality is that every day she sports a more marked waist due to the constant exercise and care of her diet that she constantly shares on her official Instagram account.

Demonstrating that with discipline and perseverance everything can be achieved but apparently her husband Lorenzo Méndez did not care about the changes and efforts of his partner and decided to play a prank on him.

In the following video you can see the complete joke, where without a doubt Chiquis Rivera was for her husband. Since Chiquis thought he was in front of her to continue training but he took off when she closed her eyes.



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