Chivas: Gustavo Alfaro Would Be The Substitute For Luis Fernando Tena, They Say In Argentina

According to information from Fox Sports Argentina, former Boca Juniors coach Gustavo Alfaro would be the substitute for Luis Fernando Tena in the Chivas of Guadalajara in this Clausura 2020, if the team, under the orders of ‘Skinny’, continues in the same negative dynamics that it has at this time in the campaign

As detailed in the information, although in the Argentine media they are indicating the interest of the Flock to obtain the services of the strategist, sources close to the club indicate that Tena has all the confidence of the directive to continue, since they have been observing An improvement in team play.

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However, the situation could give a twist if the team does not lift, so Ricardo Peláez would be with the intentions of seeking an important change to help the team of players find the best solution.

“Alfaro is very close to being a coach of Chivas de Guadalajara. Tena does not find the way around and everything seems to indicate that Alfaro will be the new coach, ”said journalist Martín Liberman in the Final Debate program at Fox Sports Argentina.