Chivas: José Juan Macías Says His Critics ‘give Him a Free Rating’

After the celebration of José Juan Macías, kissing the shield of Guadalajara after marking the Lion, a huge amount of criticism fell on the front of the Chivas. However, Macías does not take it seriously and simply ignores the comments against him.

In an interview with TUDN, “JJ” Macías commented that he does not pay attention to his detractors or comments about his celebration. And that does not bother, because at the end of the day, they spend talking about him for longer.

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“As long as they talk, keep talking, they give me a free rating. It’s not just me, it’s Chivas, I understand perfectly that they criticize me. They even make me laugh ”

In relation to the next game of the Sacred Flock, where he will visit the Atlas Red and White for the Tapatío Classic, he recognized the importance of the match, which the rojiblancos players have been learning since they are in the lower categories.

“I understand it as a hobby, people make an effort and there is a lot of responsibility on our part. It is already something very deep and we who are from the quarry know what it is to face Atlas ”