Chivas: Ricardo Peláez Causes Discomfort In The Guadalajara Team

The arrival of Ricardo Peláez built the foundations of the Chivas del Guadalajara in its entirety. Even without being officially in charge of the Chivas sports direction, Peláez is already working on the planning of the next tournament and looking for a new coach, something that has bothered the group of players of the first team.

According to the publication of the newspaper ESTO, Chivas footballers consider disrespectful that Ricardo Peláez has contacted the Uruguayan Diego Alonso with a view to hiring him for the Clausura 2020 even when Flaco Tena is in charge of the team that expects a miraculous classification to the Liguilla.

Chivas: Luis Fernando Tena would stay as DT for the Clausura 2020


According to the same source, the Chivas footballers did not take in a good way that these approaches with Alonso were aired because, although they already knew that Tena was hired only for what remained of this tournament, the players considered a foul of respect for the trajectory of Luis Fernando, who led Mexico to win the Olympic gold in 2012.

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➡️ IN CONFLICT, Chivas players support Flaco Tena and see that Ricardo Peláez is looking for a new coach.

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November 7, 2019

Chivas footballers have not taken the fact that it is the Uruguayan Diego Alonso who comes to relieve Flaco Tena, because the recent past of Charrúa does not excite them much, besides, unofficially, it has transpired that the former DT de Rayados y Pachuca wants to bring a coaching staff of 7 foreigners to work in Guadalajara.

In recent days, Chivas players have exterminated that they support Luis Fernando Tena on the red and white bench and, if possible, they would like to have him in the next Clausura 2020.