Chivas: Ricardo Peláez Is Very Close To Reaching The Flock

The Chivas Rayadas de Guadalajara could give the bell during the recess of this FIFA Date announcing the arrival of the laureate director Ricardo Peláez to take the sporting direction of the Flock in this Opening 2019.

According to information revealed by Karina Herrera, a TUDN reporter, Ricardo Peláez is about to reach an agreement to stamp his signature on a contract that links him to the sports direction of Club Guadalajara.

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Although Guadalajara has the figure of Mariano Varela in that position in the organizational chart of the rojiblanca directive, the poor results in recent days could advance the arrival of Peláez to the ranks of the Flock, as the chiverío would already be negotiating with the.

I read a lot of Chivas fans asking Ricardo Peláez for the team.

He is a great manager, but I doubt that the budgets of America and Cruz Azul can be given in the Flock.

– Jesús Bernal (@Jesus_Bernal)
September 6, 2019

"There are news in the Chivas of Guadalajara. Ricardo Peláez and Chivas are in negotiations and are very close to reaching an agreement for the former director of America and Cruz Azul to join the rojiblancas ranks"

Herrera said that, in fact, Peláez would already be working and planning his strategy to start the project with Guadalajara, a club that is close to signing his fifth tournament in a row without qualifying for the Liguilla.

"He is already working on preparing the strategy for the next campaign. Chivas is working in forced marches and Peláez is close to joining Chivas," said the reporter.