Chivas: Ricardo Peláez Requested a Millionaire To Reinforce The Flock

Although the arrival of Ricardo Peláez at the Chivas for the Clausura 2020 is still a word pact, Amaury Vergara will abide by the manager's requests to take control of the Sacred Flock, including the “wish list” of signings where players are included of the Eagles of America and Cruz Azul where Peláez was already a director.

True to his style in previous negotiations Peláez considers it a primary measure that Guadalajara is reinforced with elite soccer players, so he would have requested 50 million dollars to invest in players to restructure the squad.

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This amount would be destined to comply with the "whims" of Peláez, Hugo González and Cristian Calderón de Necaxa, Roberto Alvarado and Elías Hernández de Cruz Azul and Henry Martín de las Águilas del América.

However, Ricardo Peláez knows perfectly well that none of the previous operations will be a simple matter, which is why he has put in place a backup plan in case he cannot specify his signings.

In addition to the budget to create a competitive staff Peláez would have requested total autonomy in the decisions of the Sacred Flock, this not to go through the same as with Cruz Azul, a situation that caused his departure from the cement.

This would be the possible XI that Ricardo Peláez would be putting together with the Flock for the next tournament. Hopefully I managed to close these players.

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– Leaders of the Flock (@lideresrebano)
October 23, 2019