Chivas: Who Could Buy The Flock?

The CStriped hivas of Guadalajara They live one of their worst soccer moments in recent years. With Jorge Vergara far from the decisions of the team and his son Amaury Vergara leading, rumors have emerged that they would be planning to sell the team, rumors that have already been denied by Amaury himself.

After the dismissal of TomĂĄs Boy and the arrival of Luis Fernando Tena, The team has had difficult days and the fans have resented it more so they began to ask them to sell to the club definitely.

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Amaury Vergara denied the rumor and made it clear that Chivas is not for sale for now. But, if in the future the equipment were for sale, who could buy it?

Chivas is a team of the most important in Mexico and the most valuable. Despite all the money that moves, Chivas is not a round business, it has its risks and not anyone would dare to invest in the equipment.

Carlos Slim He could be the quintessential candidate, one of the richest men in the world, with a fondness for football and with the possibilities of raising an important project with the Flock. With Elijah Ayub like his right hand, business would not be a problem and, remember that sometimes, Ayub has acknowledged that he has already thought about buying goats.

Another option would be Freddy Helfon, a real estate entrepreneur who has already shown interest in acquiring Chivas, a team he is fond of. The businessman already submitted an offer a year ago for Chivas, the same offer that the owners rejected for wanting to include foreigners in the team.

Another important candidate is the Family Glazer, owner of Manchester United, the company tycoonJoel Glazer He showed interest in buying from Chivas in 2010 when he signed to Chicharito, but as today, the equipment was not for sale.

Last but not least, SaĂșl 'El Canelo' Álvarez. The Tapatio boxer, a fan of the Flock, has the capital to do it and it is well known that Canelo likes business, so having Chivas in his possession could be one of his goals.

Chivas It is priced at more than 40 MDE, a figure that for the aforementioned characters, it would be an accessible business, you just have to wait until in the future, the Vergara family is willing to get rid of their equipment.